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TEKLADOOR builds custom doors and cabinetry is the website of David Lubbers, craftsman in wood and maker of custom doors that provide beauty as well as security. TEKLADOOR’s hand-crafted doors are made of the finest woods and are enhanced, as clients may desire, with carvings or inlays of wood, stone, tile or cast metal.

Doors may include windows of plain or stained glass. Stained-glass windows and cast-metal panels are designed and crafted by Dale R. Molnar of South Light Studio in Marietta, Georgia.

David Lubbers also designs and builds fine cabinetry, including projects for offices, kitchens, livingrooms, bedrooms and churches.

David Lubbers works closely with clients to ensure that all work meets clients’ most exacting specifications. Doors may be ordered from stock shown on this website, with such variations as may be discussed by email or telephone, and may be shipped anywhere. David Lubbers will work personally with clients within a 100-mile radius of his shop in East Hampton, Connecticut.

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